Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Feed and Breed

   The global economy is falling apart. More so the US economy, but in the age of globalism, only the most 'primitive' societies are beyond its reach. Yesterday, crude oil jumped another buck, ending at $105 a barrel. Cities and states across the US are scrambling to stick their fingers in the levee's cracks before the flood washes it away. Unemployment, increased costs of transportation, fewer public services.... I've been called a crackpot, a fool for preaching the end of North American hegemony... They've tossed insults onto my fire, but I burn hotter now than before. Identify those you can trust, those who can contribute to survival. In this country, we expose ourselves to chemicals that mutate our cells. Although many die every year, it becomes a tool to unite us in prayer when the dirty dancer has a diseased pancreas. What about the Hassidic Jews massacred while they studied? What about the division of the Democratic party that only strengthens the beat of the Republican war drum? What about the people without jobs, or homes, or something to eat? I think that the tables must be overturned in this hypocritic, ideological cluster fuck. And we can either raze the temple as poets or we can play the games of politics, religion and other things that don't matter... because the only truth to life is the need to feed and breed.
[09 MAR 08]

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